Post-Secondary Education

Family Law Issues Regarding Education

There are many legal complexities regarding post-secondary education child support. The pressures to understand the legal terms in a timely and comprehensive way are equally confounding. As experienced family law attorneys in Indianapolis, we understand the legal issues, regulations, and policies exist regarding this issue. At Cairns & Rabiola, we seek to guide you towards a better understanding of the problems that can be faced regarding post-secondary child support.

The issue of post-secondary education may depend on a variety of factors including:

  • Current child support payments
  • Child's ability to obtain financing
  • Each parent's ability to obtain additional financing
  • Cost of four-year education at an in-state or other institution

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Representation regarding post-secondary education expenses can become very complex. To fully grasp your needs, we strive understand your long-term goals through communication. Our attorneys can provide the informative guidance you need to represent your interests. To speak with us and gain a better understanding of how we operate, please contact us at (317) 632-4711 .

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