• Divorce 101: Roadmap to Divorce

    The roadmap to divorce is intended to give you a basic understanding of how an Indiana divorce travels from the initial filing of divorce to the finalization of the divorce. Keep in mind that no two divorces are the same and that this image is only meant to give you a general overview.

    Future topics of our Divorce 101 series will cover most steps shown on the roadmap to divorce, including provisional hearings/agreements, the identify of marital assets and liabilities, mediation, how child support is calculated, etc.). Last week’s post covered the the basics of filing for divorce . If you have a specific question about the roadmap to divorce, please feel free to email us .

    Cairns & Rabiola Divorce 101 Series: The purpose of the Divorce 101 series is to go through the possible steps of a divorce in Indiana. This series is based on the assumption that you will hire an attorney to assist you with your legal work. If there is a topic you’d like to see covered in our series, please email us at info@crfamilylegal.com .
    Cairns & Rabiola has a variety of options for clients seeking a divorce from flat fee divorces for uncontested matters all the way to representing clients in highly contested child custody and asset division cases. If you would like to speak with an attroney, call us today at 317-632-4711 or complete our contact form and we’ll call you within one business day.

  • Three Things to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Attorney

    There are many questions you should ask a divorce lawyer when you are deciding whether to hire them. Below are a list of some questions we’d suggest asking and that we are more than happy to answer in our consultations.

    1. Fees . What does the lawyer charge for the retainer? What is the attorneys hourly rate? Does the attorney bill the clients on a regular basis? Before the consultation, make sure you ask the attorney if there is a fee for the consultation.
    2. Communication . What is the best way to communicate with the attorney? How soon should you expect the attorney to return your email or phone call? Communication is a major key to a successful relationship with your attorney. Make sure the divorce attorney has good practices regarding their communication with their clients. During the consultation, make sure you feel comfortable talking to the attorney and consider whether you’d be comfortable disclosing information that may be awkward to disclose.
    3. Attorney’s Experience . What practice areas does the attorney regularly practice in? What courts does the attorney regularly practice in? How long has the attorney been practicing family law? You want to make sure you hire an attorney who is not only experienced in family law but is also comfortable practicing in the jurisdiction (in Indiana, that would be the county) where your case will be heard. It’s also important to hire an attorney who practice family law regularly; some attorneys dabble in many areas of the law and, therefore, don’t have as much experience with divorces.