Month: January 2015

Divorce 101: Settlement Negotiations and Mediation

What are settlement negotiations? In the context of divorce, settlement negotiations are attempts between parties to settle their case. If the parties have attorneys, the settlement negotiations are typically done between the attorneys (or the attorney and a non-represented spouse if one of the spouses does not hire an attorney). If settlement negotiations are successful, …

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Divorce 101: Discovery

What is discovery? Discovery is the legal phrase for the process of discovering facts in a case. There are a variety of discovery methods, including interrogatories, requests for production, third-party requests for production, and depositions. What are interrogatories? Interrogatories are a series of questions that must be answered by the party they are served upon …

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Divorce 101: Assets and Liabilities

What assets and liabilities are divided in a divorce? Assuming no prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, all assets and liabilities are considered part of the “marital estate” for purposes of division in the marital estate. This means it does not matter how the asset or liability is titled – it still gets included in the overall …

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