Do the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines apply to all cases?

Yes. The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines automatically apply to all cases involving child custody except in very limited circumstances. Those circumstances include substance abuse, family violence, risk of flight with the child, or cases where the court determines the child will be endangered physically or emotionally by having the parenting time as outlined in the guidelines. If none of those circumstances apply to your case, then the parenting time guidelines will apply. It is important to remember that the guidelines are simply guidelines for the court, and that the court can alter them, meaning the court can and frequently does give a parent more than the minimum parenting time established in the parenting time guidelines. It is also important to note if your case was decided before March of 2013 there are different guidelines that apply than the ones that are currently in place.

– Answered by Jaimie Cairns of Cairns & Rabiola

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