I just got served with divorce papers, what should I do next?

The next move in your divorce is really up to you if you are the respondent. You can certainly go meet with attorneys, and as an attorney, I would advise you do to so. However, you do not have to meet with an attorney. The first thing to do when you get your paperwork is to determine whether a hearing has been set for your case. Not all divorces are set for hearing as we have addressed in previous videos. Your case may be set for a hearing however if your spouse asks for a preliminary hearing. If your case is set for a hearing, it is important that you take action quickly so that you can be prepared for that hearing whether you appear pro se meaning without an attorney or you decide you want to hire an attorney. The most important thing to remember is that you will have difficulty hiring an attorney the longer you wait, meaning the closer you get to the hearing. An attorney does not want to be unprepared for your hearing so the more time you can give them to prepare for your hearing the better off you will be.

– Answered by Jaimie Cairns of Cairns & Rabiola

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