What are common deviations from the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines’ minimum parenting time?

Courts have broad discretion to give a non custodial parent more parenting time than outlined in the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. Frequent deviations from the Parenting Time Guidelines include giving the non custodial parent an overnight during their midweek visit, or adding a Sunday overnight to the parent’s weekend visit, or adding both to the guidelines. The fact of the matter is the court can change the guidelines however they see fit. They can order almost 50/50 parenting time. They can order 50/50 parenting time. They can order something unique if the parents have a unique parenting time or work situation. Really the court has complete discretion to award the parenting time as it sees fit and for whatever reason it finds in the best interest of the child.

– Answered by Jaimie Cairns of Cairns & Rabiola

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